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Ramsden & Mosley

At Ramsden & Mosley we are completely focused on quality. It is recognised that a quality product is born out of using only the finest raw materials available and combining these with modern technology and skilled craftsmen with an eye for detail.

The range of Ramsden & Mosley solid surface baths are manufactured from a mix of high grade polymers and natural minerals. The balance of quality raw materials, investment in modern equipment and artisan craftsmen results in a range of products that are technically superior. Every Ramsden & Mosley bath is manually polished for several hours by hand, to create a product that looks and feels beautiful. Each bath is tested for durability and safety, always delivering the highest quality in accordance with European standards.

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Our Products

Elegant & Classic, yet Contemporary & Modern

A range of timeless designs, each bath has been cast from a single mould to produce a solid, beautifully smooth, heat and scratch resistant surface. Available in either matt or gloss finishes


Unique Matt



Matt Finish

Strong lines complement subtle curves to create a sophisticated double ended freestanding bath. Ergonomically crafted to create an ideal escape for two or your own personal sanctuary. Crafted in a single piece with an integral overflow.

Anglesey Bath

Height 550
Width 750
Depth 454
Length 1700
Weight Empty 120
Capacity 360
Height 550
Width 800
Depth 454
Length 1800
Weight Empty 130
Capacity 410
Anglesey 1700x750 Technical Drawing
Anglesey 1800x800 Technical Drawing


Matt Finish

Designed with simplicity and comfort in mind. The Cara single ended bath combines a modern design with extreme comfort and a low step-in height. An elegant freestanding bath design.

Cara Bath

Height 595/439
Width 750
Depth 348
Length 1700
Weight Empty 90
Capacity 230
Cara 1700x750 Technical Drawing

Grace & beauty
in equal measure


Matt Finish

A contemporary double ended curved bath, coupled with straight internal sides to generate a cavernous bathing area. Crafted in a single piece with an integral overflow.

Hellisay Bath

Height 547
Width 750
Depth 425
Length 1700
Weight Empty 120
Capacity 280
Height 547
Width 800
Depth 434
Length 1800
Weight Empty 130
Capacity 320
Hellisay 1700x750 Technical Drawing
Hellisay 1800x800 Technical Drawing


Gloss Finish

Simplicity in an oval design to create a modern-day classic. A bath that invites you to escape modern life and relax. Exposed overflow supplied fitted on the baths.

Bute Bath

Height 650
Width 720
Depth 545
Length 1595
Weight Empty 85
Capacity 340
Bute 1595x720 Technical Drawing


Gloss Finish

A modern single ended free standing bath with an extended backrest for additional support during long soaks. Designed to be the showpiece of any bathroom.

Canna Bath

Height 805/570
Width 730
Depth 448
Length 1595
Weight Empty 83
Capacity 230
Canna 1600x730 Technical Drawing

A beautiful centerpiece
in any bathroom

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A truly stunning contemporary floor standing double ended bath. Designed to create a beautiful centrepiece in any bathroom.

Weight (kg) 120
Capacity (l) 350
Length 1700
Width 725

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Gloss Finish

A glamorous mix of modern and traditional design, the Jura is designed for the more compact bathroom that deserves a timeless design qualities.

Jura Bath

Height 654
Width 689
Depth 471
Length 1600
Weight Empty 76
Capacity 260
Jura 1600x690 Technical Drawing

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