Master manufacturers 

At Ramsden and Mosley we are completely focused on quality. It is recognised that a quality product is born out of using only the finest raw materials available and combining these with modern technology and skilled craftsmen with an eye for detail. 

Experts in quality since 1975

The range of Ramsden and Mosley solid surface baths are manufactured from a mix of high grade polymers and natural minerals. The balance of quality raw materials, investment in modern equipment and artisan craftsmen results in a range of products that are technically superior. Every Ramsden and Mosley bath is manually polished for several hours by hand, to create a product that looks and feels beautiful. Each bath is tested for durability and safety, always delivering the highest quality in accordance with European standards. 

Ethically sourced 

All Ramsden & Mosley products are manufactured with the environment in mind and we strive to deliver a product that is not only made from the finest materials but from materials that are ethically sourced.  

A British company

Steeped in British manufacturing history, the Ramsden and Mosley range of beautiful solid surface baths are named after the isles that surround Britain. 

Our Ranges

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